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Industries: Industrial & Office Moving

Bohren’s has earned a reputation as one of the leading commercial moving and off-site storage solution providers in the market. We know how critical it is to get back to business without costly delays. Our trained professionals in our Commercial Moving Division go to work for you before you have decided on a final destination.

During your initial office moving consultation, our commercial moving experts will take the guesswork out of the process by “blueprinting” every step and detail to successfully complete the relocation on time. From data center relocations, bio-med laboratories, furniture knock-down and installation, to heavy industrial machinery, Bohren’s Logistics has the experience, resources and equipment to handle any commercial moving challenge, regardless of size and scope.

Commercial Moving Expertise

  • Academic moving
  • Corporate facilities relocation
  • Data center relocation
  • Laboratory relocation
  • Library relocation
  • Industrial machinery and plant relocation

Office Moving & Storage

Bohren’s Logistics operates over 434,000 square feet of secure warehouse space. Facility managers can manage company assets from their desktop or mobile device via the internet. Every item that arrives is assigned a barcode and entered into our warehouse management system (WMS). We can capture as much or as little detail as required including a photo. Our off-site storage solution can provide you with cost savings vs. additional leased space plus reduced administrative overhead. As the items are needed, we can ship them anywhere as required or provide disposal/recycling service if they reach their end-of-life period.

We can get your office moving! Our commercial moving clients include 400 of the Fortune 500 Companies:

Bohrens Logistics Industrial Clients

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