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Solutions: Supply Chain Management

Bohren’s is a leading logistics provider that manages the supply chain by offering seamless service from beginning to end. We accomplish this with a combination of our large infrastructure, technologies and experienced and knowledgeable staff.

Analysis & Design:

Our experienced supply chain team can analyze your shipping data to help determine areas of demand and opportunity. With this, we can develop a custom procurement and distribution model based on your supply chain’s specific geographic history. Optimization of warehouses and distribution centers along with shipping routes can help build efficiency into your supply network.

Reverse Logistics:

Recapture value in the post-purchase aftermarket by adding reverse logistics into your supply chain model. Our team can analyze your market trends and design a reverse logistics program to help you efficiently recycle raw materials, used equipment, and excess inventory back into your supply chain.

Learn more about our supply chain management solutions or start a quote. Click here or call 800-326-4736.

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